Last year, Astralship produced a documentary called Beneath Our Feet, about our relationship with soil through the eyes of a workers co-operative in North Wales. They are an organic farm that embraces both permaculture and the ‘open-source’ technology movement. We want to spread the word as much as possible, and introduce the important work this little farm is doing to the world, so we've started an Indiegogo to raise money to enter the documentary into film festivals. A minimum donation of only £5 will give you access to the full documentary.

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The film examines our relationship to soil, ecological sustainability and the complexity of current farming systems through interviews with the co-operators at Tyddyn Teg, (Translation: “little fair cottage”), an organic sustainable farm co-operative in North Wales. These knowledges are poetically coupled with imagery from the farm to revealing the environmental and sociological issues that farmers and the global community are currently facing.

Touching on a handful of the many issues that small farmers face today, Beneath Our Feet looks at the problems with conventional agricultural, which undermines biodiversity and sustainable soil practices. It also highlights the inequality local farmers face in the current commercial environment, including government land policies and the deprivation of equitable income. It asserts that we must reestablish the value of food.

While the current situation is challenging for all farmers, much diligent effort is being made to thrive in the field of co-operative and sustainable structures. Utilising ‘open source’, where knowledge is shared for free, as a path towards a win-win situation. Alongside looking for solutions to current challenges, Tyddyn Teg is a community and a family, who look after each other, as well as the land.