There's a moment when, even after twenty years of trying to extricate yourself from the corporate environment, you actually succeed in doing it. In going alone, in finally saying goodbye to alarm clocks, routines, 9 to 5s or 8 to 4s or even worse to early and late shifts.

At this point, you are free for the first time in your life, and you sleep well. For me I had left office jobs after ten years, I then worked outside for another ten or so, on and off as I tried to find ways to live differently and that lead to me finally saying goodbye to it all.

To do that, I got to the lowest point in my life, decided to change and left behind years of addiction only to run right into an opportunity to turn that life into something good for me and others. A healing course meant that I could use an innate talent I had already discovered,  for providing others with energy healing, and have that become my reason for being, my livelihood although I never charge, and a way for me to give back to the world and help others to heal themselves. Once I had spent a year learning from the man who had provided me with healing over several years, and offering that to those who visited us on a weekly basis I had left my jobs forever.

By this point I was ready to throw myself out into the world and see what it could do to support me in never having a job again, and by that I mean, that others had told me, what you do is let go of it all.

The jobs, the car, the mortgage for the house, the idea of needing those things. The security that comes from those but also the pressure, the stress, the feeling that my life was meant for more than looking at a screen all day, in an office, or working to make others rich and buying things to make myself feel better, or coping by going to the pub to drink.

Bye to all of that, and I felt so much better immediately.  Firstly because I had finally found what I was meant to be doing, that made my life feel useful, worthwhile and also because I knew that I could let my life flow, yes, become a lot more scary in some respects, especially at first, with no home, no job, no routine etc but that is where the freedom comes from. The feeling that I could go anywhere and do anything, learn from anyone, be anywhere, be whatever I needed to be at the time, for whoever needed me, for as long as required.

I recommend just going for it, whatever others say to you, in spite of it in fact.  They are scared to do it, and they're scared for you, but facing those fears are the reason to do it, to find out there was  nothing to be afraid of in the first place.
That life can be whatever we choose it to be, that we can live a life of variety, creativity, loving what we do, learning something new but most importantly, becoming what we were meant to be.

Happy and free.