We’re setting up a Mobile Makerspace! We’ve officially bought the truck and we’re ready to start renovating it and getting it ready to bring amazing technology and science to all around North Wales.

But what is a Mobile Makerspace, I hear you ask? Or at least that’s what I thought, the first time I heard the term. Forgive me if I’m going too far back to basics for you. A Makerspace is a space with equipment and technology where people come together to co-create, share resources and knowledge and work together on projects. So a Mobile Makerspace is just that, but on wheels. In our case, in a converted horsebox.

Our resident John ‘Eighty Eight’ Bargman; self-declared ‘the coolest guy in the Universe, who when not mimicking his AI overlords for comedy can be found shooting aliens and building tech… and he’s all out of aliens’, has had his brains picked for all the wild ideas for the Mobile Makerspace he can come up with. I have to say, it’s looking pretty exciting. He’s planning on teaming up with Liam Kurmos ‘The Captain’, who will be ‘wearing power armour’, alongside a ‘supporting cast of minions’ from the crew of the Astralship and otherwise.

I grew up in Manchester and so I took for granted being able to go to places like the Science and Industry museum on the weekends and have my tiny mind blown by all the crazy stuff that is possible in this Universe. People in rural areas don’t have that luxury, John points out, so we want to make the Mobile Makerspace a sort of downsized Science and Industry museum. We thought about what we took from spaces that showcased science and technology when we were kids. We might not have learned the specifics, sure, but it sparked something inside us, an interest, a desire to learn more, that grew and pushed us to the sci-fi techno-anarchists we are today. Where would we be without that? So the Mobile Makerspace will focus on showpieces, stuff that will do just this for people. We want to bring that excitement and joy and kindle that passion in people that might not otherwise have that experience.

We don’t know exactly what’s going to be on board the Mobile Makerspace yet. We want to focus on education, renewable power and fabrication technology. We’re thinking 3D printers, woodcutting machines, CNC mills and laser-cutters. We want to make these pieces of equipment the centre of fun projects, for example, plastic bottles are the same material as common 3D printing filament (PETG), so we could have people bring plastic bottles, melt them down, and print personalised items with them. We’d like to tie our projects back to the environment that people have grown up in, we’re thinking demonstrating wind power and hydroelectricity could be really inspiring. This could be fun to demonstrate with a giant battery wall on the both, that’s linked up to power generating projects. We could even build a giant hamster wheel for the kids to run on, this could charge the giant battery wall, or it could even make the 3D printers print faster. Who knows? Anything is possible with the power of the Astralship!

Watch this space for more updates!

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